October 10th 2016

Rich Kid Blue EP II

After a lot of shows around Switzerland it was the time for a new record. Finally they have arrived! Rich Kid Blue's new EPs are stored at a safe place and will be available at their shows. And you don't just get a simple CD: The EP is a poster with a CD which is sealed by the band itselfs! Check out the new EP on YouTube.

Juli 27th 2016

Freezes Deyna Only Fucking Human

Freezes Deyna released a new song on YouTube. Check out this first song of their upcoming album, which is going to be released in spring 2017! Stay tuned!

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May 13rd 2016

Rich Kid Blue JPCT

The Kids recorded the song "JPCT" and made a marvelous bizarre clip with it! Watch it and get a picture of it.
Made by Christian Taro (Taro - cinematic wizardry)

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